A variety of bacteria and viruses can cause infections in the human body. These disease-causing microbes are pathogens and cause short term to long term effects on the human.


We are passionate about research to design, develop and deliver innovative solutions to health issues. We were established in 2018 to deliver reliable and affordable laboratory research services


We provide a wide range of innovative products and services for healthcare issues and to improve the quality of life.

Who We Are

Auxochromofours Solutions Private Limited is a private company established on 10th December 2018. It is a diagnostic and research based company focusing on lifescience and pharmaceutical product development as well. It provides healthcare solutions and develop products with research-oriented approach. It is involved in wide range of activities ranging from designing and performing Diagnostic tests to developing innovative formulations.

Our services:

We offer a wide spectrum of services in the fields of research and diagnostics. The major ones include Bio- Analytical services, Flow Cytometry services, Molecular Biology services, R&D services, and Scientific Writing.

Bio-Analytical services:

 Bio-Analytics is for Quantitative analysis of drugs or metabolites in biological samples.

Flow cytometry services

Flow Cytometry technology involves quick multivariable analysis of single cells in solution.

Molecular Biology services:

Molecular Biology involves comprehensive study of cellular molecules essential for biological processes.

R&D services:

R&D includes a vast list of innovative design and development of new products and services.

Scientific writing:

Category of writing for communication of scientific information to other scientists, academicians, clients and public.

What Our Client Says

"The solutions & services, that the team at Auxochromofours provide, are at par with the industry standards. Their iterative & customized improvements with protocols have helped us significantly reduce our TAT. With their solid infrastructure, certifications, and accreditations, Auxochromofours is future proof and is here to provide first-rate services for a long term. I recommend Auxochromofours for their excellent services and enduring collaborations."
Dr. Gopal
Leucine Rich Bio
“Best place for Covid testing, Price and Quality is reasonable and good support system for Quick results, got test results in 4 hours to make my travel arrangements.”
Ramu Chilukuri
“Quick and efficient service. The staff was courteous, and the results were given on time.”
Kumar S
“Fast, accurate and professional service.”
Chandan Mithra
“Fast service. Thanks team”
Ashita Raj