About Us

Welcome to Auxochromofours Solutions Pvt. Ltd., your number one source for designing, developing, and delivering innovative solutions to health issues.

About us

We are dedicated to giving you the very best of diagnostic products and services, with a focus on efficiency, dependability, affordability, and customer service. With unrivaled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to excellence, we empower our clients to accelerate their research, development, and commercialization processes. designing, developing, and delivering innovative solutions to health issues.

Meet our Founders

We were established on 10th December 2018 with an aim to offer innovative, affordable healthcare solutions. At Auxochromofours, our success story began with the vision and dedication of our founders. They laid the foundation of our company, shaping it into what it is today. Get to know the brilliant minds behind Auxochromofours and discover their inspiring journey.

Basavaraj HC

(Co- Founder)

With a diverse background and experience of more than 15 years in Pharma, he recognized an opportunity to revolutionize the Lifescience industry by fostering the company Auxochromofours. Armed with determination and expertise, he embarked on a mission to transform the landscape of Pharma services. 

Basavaraj brings a wealth of experience to Auxochromofours. Prior to founding the company, they held prominent positions at Connexios, Syngene, where he honed their skills and gained invaluable insights. The deep understanding of Lifesceince dynamics and trends has been instrumental in shaping our company’s strategies and guiding our growth.

Shreyas M Burji

(Co- Founder)

Shreyas brings a unique perspective to our organization. With a background in Lifesceinces, he saw an untapped potential in the industry. Passionate about managing and delivering science projects, he joined forces with Basavaraj to turn a vision into reality. Having more than 14 years experience in the field, and working with startups and facilities at C-CAMP, NCBS, his ability to anticipate market shifts and identify growth opportunities has played a pivotal role in our company’s success. The expertise and insights have helped us stay ahead of the curve, continually innovating and adapting to the market and ever evolving needs of our customers.

Together, Our Founders Pave the Way:

United by a shared vision, Basavaraj and Shreyas joined forces to establish Auxochromofours in 2018. Their complementary skills, expertise, and unwavering determination have been instrumental in our company’s growth and success. They continue to steer Auxochromofours towards new horizons, fueling our passion for innovation and delivering exceptional solutions to our customers. 

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we build upon the foundation laid by our founders.