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At Auxochromofours, we ensure universal respect for our clients while delivering services nothing short of excellence. We hold ourselves accountable in everything we do, and we practice great leadership through every challenge and breakthrough.


Our mission helps focus and align on the milestones need to be achieved.

To emerge as a large Multidimensional healthcare Company.

To review our strengths regularly so as to cater to the national and international challenges effectively.

To establish truly world class facilities in India.

To always strive for excellent relations with our suppliers, customers and employees.


The vision of the company sets in the direction of our motion and motives.

To explore new horizons as a forefront in the Indian healthcare market, by focusing on chosen therapeutic and related segments.

To establish ourselves as an institute that cares, and is known for quality and innovative products for constantly improving human and animal healthcare.



Auxochromofours is a research oriented pharmaceutical product development company. The formulations development mainly revolves around converting drug substance into drug product considering efficacy, safety, bioavailability, stability and scalability as core criterion.

The company undertakes development of pharmaceutical products, nutritional food grade formulations, oral liquids, soft gels, injections and transdermal patches. The company is making inroads into the FMCG space with diverse range of personal hygiene and skin (derma) care products.

Auxochromofours have the expertise integrated with core team by offering a surfeit of choices for the finished dosage form of the drug.
By partnering with major national and international drug manufacturers having advanced development solutions and capabilities, it has been possible to develop novel approaches for delivery of drugs more effectively.


Medical technology is an offshoot of medicine and encompasses an expansive range of science disciplines, understanding of human biology, statistics and lab techniques. Auxochromofours has perceived the potential in this indispensable part of healthcare. MedTech applications are mammoth and the services/solutions or the products available directly impact/improve people’s lives. It is a continuous learning process that culminates in smarter diagnosis, better quality of healthcare and ameliorates treatment/hospital stay.

We at Auxochromofours are adept at identifying and providing solutions in current MedTech.

Apart from diagnostics services, we do impart technical support for all our products. The stars of our finished product line are protective gears (nitrile/latex gloves), emergency kits, catheters, invasive/non invasive apparatus and POCT (point of care testing) devices. We also undertake customised manufacturing of everyday table-top instruments like pH meter, centrifuge, incubator, vortex and autoclaves. Auxochromofours also has global collaboration with key players in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical terrain.

Startup Enablers

With our vast experience , we help setup model incubation centres , that serve as a hub for startups in Healthcare, Pharma , Biotech and other emerging areas of social and national importance